Terms & Conditions

1. All garments are accepted at owner’s risk.

2. The Firm has right to reform the garments if any damage accure during dry cleaning process (Which is not apparent easily) Without informing the customer.

3. It is practically not possible to note all the cuts holes, scratches.Strains etc. at the fire of reciept.As garments are thoroughly examined in the workshop therefore the customer shall have to accept any workshop remarks

4. Every effort will be made the delivery the goods on the due date mentioned on this will the firm does not as time responsibility for delay owning the causes beyond its control.

5. The firm assures its efforts to remove sports & stamp still is no guarantee for it.

6. In case the delivery of the garments is not taken within 3 month of promised delivery date, the firm is the net proceeds in towards payments of the dues from the customer to the firm.

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